Girl 03

General / 06 June 2018

More work on the girl


Girl 02

General / 28 May 2018

More modeling on the girl!

Character wip

General / 24 May 2018

WIP concept by

Ice Axe

General / 04 May 2018

you can grab the model here


General / 03 May 2018

Keiyu's for the game


General / 01 May 2018

Angksuw! character I made for the game Iron Danger.
Colors don't look like this in game usually have to tone colors different cause of exposure differences.
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#Irondanger #actionsquadstudios

Inside the Boat

General / 29 April 2018

Inside the boat of our game Iron Danger!

Coming soon :) 

Dragon lady

General / 15 April 2018

Probably won't end up finishing this.


General / 12 April 2018

Blacksmith type of character for game  Iron Danger  Looks good in game for the scale.


Iron Danger

General / 06 April 2018

Been living in Finland for  a year working on a new game  Iron Danger, at Action Squad Studios